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what makes us different

Maternity photography - When photographing the story of your baby it starts when they are in the belly. In most cases...even in challenging pregnancies it has been my experience that woman still want to remember this special time. I've heard countless times from mothers who did not choose to do maternity photography wish that they had.

Newborns - If you've seen those little babies sleeping and how peaceful and sweet they look you must get these photos taken within the first two weeks. After's a huge hit and miss. Newborns sleep A LOT and this is the best time to capture those artistic sleeping tiny baby images.

Infants /Babies - I consider infants to be approximately 3 months to about 18 months. If this is your first baby or are experiencing sleep deprivation the first year passes in a flash. So many changes take place in this first year and I love to capture them all. The first stage past newborns is 3-5 months. It is during this time your baby will start pushing up on their hands, smiling and playing with their feet in their mouths. It always amazes me how short the window is for this age. By the time of 8-9 months they are no longer playing with their feet and don't just push up and smile as they are on full out crawling stage. My favorite age starts at about 4 months. In my case this is when real bonding and interaction begin.

Children - This age begins around 18 months and ends about age 4-5. I wish I had a dollar for every time someone said I don't know how you have the patience to work with this age. I love it because I know what the end product is going to look like and how it will affect you as their parent. One of my customers summed it up perfectly...Paul captures my child in a way I want them to look 'perfect' and how I want to remember them! It's taken me a while for this to settle in and I still love it when Mom and Dad can't believe how the images turn out.

Families - I like to capture moments in time that will help you remember all the stages of your family's life together and your special occasions, too. Family photography can be done at any time and place and with any age, from young to the young-at-heart. Every season of the year can be a wonderful time to photograph your family.